The Seven Annihilations – Introduction

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into the religious beliefs of a little known group of Native Americans known as the Anéaakans. There isn’t too much information out there about them, but it’s not for a lack of trying. Archaeologists and anthropologists have been trying to track down solid information about this elusive people for decades but very little trace of their culture remains. What is known of them is scarce enough that some scholars have begun to question if they were ever real at all.

I don’t much care about the facts. What we do know is interesting enough to fuel wild speculation that can keep me busy for a while. Now the most interesting myth we have from the Anéaakans is the story of the seven annihilations. The tale has been very poorly translated due to the lack of samples available of the Anéaakans written language, but I believe I’ve managed to get a good feel for the meaning intended.

The following series will go over each annihilation. These are the seven periods of total destruction the Anéaakans believe a world must go through before it reaches “The Final Peace”:

  1. Annihilation of Earth
  2. Annihilation of Air
  3. Annihilation of Fire
  4. Annihilation of Water
  5. Annihilation of Light
  6. Annihilation of Darkness
  7. Annihilation of Spirit

It is not certain in the writings which Era we are currently in, but many have speculated we are approaching the Annihilation of Light. There are supposedly beings that walk the earth endowed with the destructive powers of the previous apocalypse. They bring wisdom and are key in ushering in the next Annihilation.

In my next post, I’ll go into details about what we know of the first Annihilation.