The Seven Annihilations – Air


Air is never the thing we expect is going to kill us. When paranoid people–myself included–have terrible nightmares of the things that will kill them, it usually doesn’t involve air. It’s always something more obvious like fire or water. Let’s be honest, though. Even in those scenarios, most of the time it’s not the water that kills you or the fire, but the lack of AIR. Most people that die in house fires die from suffocation long before the actual flames get to them.

So now that you’re thinking those pleasant thoughts, let’s pick back up with what the ancient Anéaakans have to say about the surprising deadliness of air:

Great Serpent came, and with his flaming tail struck the world and the world shook dust of the last destruction to blacken the sky. Serpent drew wide his mouth and out there came a [poison or fume] that choked all things [walking tall].”

Everyone seems to agree that this sounds a lot like the story of a meteor hitting the earth, but that’s where the agreement ends. While scholars have had a hard time finding evidence pointing to both an earthquake AND a meteor strike occurring within the time period and area that Anéaakans were supposed to have lived in, they fall back on what seems to be the most logical explanation. These things did not happen directly to the Anéaakans, but are tales of past tragedies that have been passed down and were possibly even appropriated from other cultures.

The internet theorists believe that the meteor strike being described is the same one that wiped out–you guessed it–the dinosaurs. They don’t believe this is the description of a small meteorite landing and taking out a localized portion of a human population, but that this describes the downfall of humanity’s time as lizards.

All it makes me wonder about is whether or not dinosaurs had dino-societies and perhaps dino-jobs. Science can say no, this chance is so slim that they can almost certainly declare it as a fact, but all I have to say to that is:

so you're telling me there's a chance

I’m off to try to remember my past life as a dinosaur security guard. Join me tomorrow when we talk about the coolest sounding Annihilation, the Annihilation of Fire.

dinosaur-576490_960_720 (1)

Note: I had to go back and edit this post because I mistakenly put that the next annihilation would be Water instead of Fire. Apologies for the confusion!


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